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The Team


Jamie Robinson


Jamie Robinson has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 1998 he began a limousine business. After the fleet grew and his team expanded, he had more time to focus on his hobby of homebrewing. In 2006, he sold the limousine business and accepted a management position at Town Hall Brewery, a local award winning brewpub. His dream of opening his own brewpub blossomed and for the next six years he gained knowledge about the brewing process and the business of owning a brewpub. Jamie attended Siebel Institute in Chicago, after which he honed his technical brewing skills as a brewer at Town Hall Brewery on its commercial brewing system.

In 2012, Jamie opened the doors to Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub as Head Brewer and his dream came to fruition. Though the business has grown and changed, Jamie still enjoys helping to craft great beer while also focusing on the growth of the business as the owner and Chief Manager.


Ryan Flanagan


Every restaurant needs someone to be the glue that holds everything together. Someone to manage staff, coordinate events, handle problems, create spreadsheets, identify growth opportunities….basically everything that nobody else wants to do. That job belongs to Ryan, and for some reason he enjoys it.

He’s a veteran of the restaurant industry and has done nearly everything from serving to bartending to training to managing. This helps him remember that in order to create a successful business you not only have to pay attention to the numbers, you also need amazing employees. This is something that Northbound puts an emphasis on. A focus on service and being a positive addition to the neighborhood always helps the bottom line.

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